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Metallurgic filters - INFRAZOR glass

Metallurgic filters

We offer filters of materials for observation molten in smelting stoves.
INFRAZOR is a filter for observing materials melted in metallurgical furnaces, where there is high temperature. The filter guarantees necessary protection against harmful radiating which takes place in the process of melting materials. It absorbs harmful infrared radiation in the range of 780 – 2000 nm as well as UV radiation.

The filters are produced in various levels of protection, depending on the temperature in the furnace. Metallized INFRAZOR with a protection level of DIN 7 is used in furnaces, where the temperature reaches 1650°C. The filter thickness is 2.2 – 2.8 mm. 

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INFRAZOR - glass for metallurgical filters
Transmittance of  metallurgic filter glass INFRAZOR
Transmittance of metallurgic filter glass INFRAZOR

INFRAZOR is a protective glass for heating and melting in glass industry and for steel industry for watching into the oven and another heat equipment. INFRAZOR protects you against dangerous IR radiation but also make you possible to resolve all details during melting and heating. Using by another glass does not guarantee protection your eye against IR radiation. Using welding (green) glass give you the protection too, but you can not see the details during the process. The glass absorbs the dangerous IR radiation in the range on 380 up to2000 nm as well as UV radiation (< 380 nm).  Visible radiation is also damped, but sufficiently to the observation of high intensity light. These properties are illustrated in the transmittance graph shown on the right.

INFRAZOR we can offer you in shade 2 to 7 and metallized in shade 4 to 8 for temperatures from 1100 °C up to 1800 °C. 

Shade TemperatureGlass thickness
2 1 100 °C nd
2,5 *) 1 140 °C nd
3 1 210 °C nd
4 1 290 °C 1.7 - 2.3 mm
5 1 390 °C 2.2 - 2.8 mm
6 1 500 °C 2.3 - 2.9 mm
7 1 650 °C 2.3 - 2.9 mm
8 1 800 °C 2.3 - 2.9 mm

*) only available in some manufacturers
nd - no data

By using metallized INFRAZOR the heat ray (IR) is reflected from the glass.

INFRAZOR we can supply as a round glass or as a sheet up to 700 x 300 mm.  Glass thickness is from 2.2 mm to 2.7 mm.

Protective panes

Protective panes

Welding protections are equipped with protective piece of broken glasses to the purpose of the protection of the eyesight. Depending on the purpose we offer covers performed of glass or of polycarbonate.

Inspecting - mirrors quality check of the weld
We offer inspecting mirrors applied for the inspection of making the weld in places hard to reach. Glass filters about the determined strip of the permeability of the light.

Glass filters

Glass filters with specific band light transmittance.

UG - black - blue - is letting UV
GG - colorless to yellow - is letting IR

Filters for CCTV - available in the colors green, red and opal (white).

Colored glass filters are used to improve the legibility of TV observation of liquid level gauges (elimination of light reflection from the sight glass). When selecting the color and size of the filter, user should be guided by the recommendations of the manufacturer of liquid level indicator.

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