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Color mica flakes

Colored mica is obtained by adding and mixing the colorants in process of getting natural mica flakes at high temperatures. Colorants permanent penetrate into the structure of the mica flakes, and the sieving process for the separation of flakes fraction by size the flake, removes pigment has not penetrated the mica. White flakes obtained in the calcination process, i.e., annealing of natural mica at high temperatures without the use of colorants.

The following shows the standard categories of color mica flakes divided into color and shade. Flake size can take different ranges of values depending on the parties, so please contact us before ordering.


Color Shade Code Flake size
White super white SW-97 contact us White mica flakes
white MFJ contact us
smoked white P0125 contact us
delicate gray MFJLS contact us
Gold light L1-206 contact us Gold mica flakes
royal POLD-0152 contact us
dark MM0154 contact us
reddish L2-068 contact us
Yellow light L8 contact us Yellow mica flakes
dark L2-074 contact us
Blue dark L4 contact us Blue mica flakes
Green light L2-063B contact us Light grey mica flakes
dark L2-376B contact us Dark grey mica flakes
Red light L2 contact us Red mica flakes
dark L7 contact us
Violet light L3 contact us Violet mica flakes
dark L6 contact us

The most common size flakes range is from 1 to 3 mm, but often meets flakes from 0.2 to 2 mm or even 20 mm. Please contact us before ordering. The minimum quantity sales is 1 kg.

It is possible to provide a strictly selected size of mica flakes required by the customer (eg. 1 mm or 5 mm, etc.). These orders are fulfilled for quantities of not less than 20 kg.


While every attempt has been made to verify the source of the information, no responsibility is accepted for accuracy of data.