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Ground and flakes

Synthetic mica (fluorphlogopite) is an artificially produced mineral with properties significantly superior to natural mica, in particular:

  • highly chemical stability (even in contact with concentrated hydrochloric or sulfuric acid)
  • excellent transmittance from UV to IR,
  • outgasing-free at high temperature in vacuum,
  • excellent electrical insulation,
  • high heat endurance (from -100 °C up to 1100 °C),
  • non-radioactive background,
  • insensitive to the conditions for long-term storage

Fluorflogopite is particularly appreciated for high temperature resistancecorrosion resistance and light transmission, which are incomparably better than in other types of mica. Synthetic mica can work at 1100 ℃ for a long time without reaction with strong acid and alkali. In addition, it has excellent light transmittance (completely transparent).

Our offer for synthetic mica includes ground synthetic mica, synthetic mica flakes and in form of discs or rectangular plates.

Synthetic mica (fluorphlogopite) flakes

We offer synthetic mica (fluorphlogopite) in the ground and in the form of flakes. Depending on the size of the particles, you may have a fine powder (with the consistency of flour) or fine flakes (about 0.5 mm).  Synthetic ground mica is very white (see section Comparison between synthetic and natural mica)and retains all the properties of synthetic mica, ie high temperature resistance, no reaction to UV radiation and weather conditions, resistance to aggressive chemical substances.

We offer synthetic ground mica in standard granulation:

Type Particle Size Range (μm) Colour Functional Description
80400 80-400 μm Pure white, super high luster,soft, skin-adhesive Cosmetic, paint, plastic, rubber, pottery and porcelain, etc.
40200 40-200 μm Pure white, shine gloss luster, soft,good skin-adhesive
2080 20-80 μm Pure white, slightly luster, soft, good skin-adhesive
1060 10-60 μm
1040 10-40 μm
525E 5-25 μm Pure white, soft, good skin-adhesive
1250 < 15 μm
P<10 < 10 μm
P<5 < 5 μm

Typical chemical composition, heavy metals content and other properties

Item Value   Item Value
SiO2 42,5 - 43,0 %   Pb < 10 ppm
Al2O3 10,5 - 11,0 %   Hg < 1 ppm
K2O 10,6 - 11,2 %   As < 10 ppm
MgO 26,0 - 26,6%   Sb < 10 ppm
F 8,8 - 9,1%   Cd < 5 pmm
Fe2O3 0,14 - 0,16%   Soluble Se < 30 ppm
CaO 0,8 - 1,6%   Soluble Ba < 200 ppm
      Soluble Cr < 20 ppm
      Soluble Ni < 10 ppm
PH 6,89   Whiteness min. 90%
Density 2,9 g/cm3   Bulk density ≤ 0,25 g/cm3
Moisture ≤ 1,0%   Water absorption 0,14%
Dielectric strength 185 - 238 kV/mm   Surface Resistance 3 * 1013 Ω
Dielectric constant 5,8 - 6,3   Dielectric loss 3,38 * 104
Heat Resistance 1100 - 1300 °C      

More information on the properties of synthetic mica can be found on the our webpage Fluorphlogopite - synthetic mica and on our blog in articles:  Synthetic mica - material for extreme applications and Still about the synthetic mica ...

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