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MICA hits the market.

Continental Trade sp. z o.o. specializes (among others) in the sale of various types of natural mica (flakes, sheets, ground and micronized mica) and processed mica (micanite).

For quite some time we notice increasing demand for mica, especially flakes and ground mica. From year to year we sell mica more and more. Also, extends area of its application.

Maybe you also find the possibility of use mica in your business ? We will gladly provide information and assistance in choosing the appropriate type of mica, we will select the flake color and size appropriate for your application. In our Website you can learn more about the types of mica and its properties, the possibility of using mica sheets, as well as mica flakes and ground or micronized mica.

We are direct importers of mica from mines in India and China. Thanks to this we have a direct impact on the quality of imported raw material, the stability of its parameters, as well as reasonable prices.


Why exactly mica ?

Mica hits the market thanks to its great properties such as:

  • non-flammability, and good thermal insulation (fire-resistant wallboard)
  • safe for health (successfully replaces asbestos)
  • thermal stability allows use as an additive to gypsum, cement, plastics in a wide temperature range,
  • resistance to weathering and UV radiation (paint, plaster)
  • available in many colors and sizes.
  • shiny and sparkling mica flakes for Christmas decorations, paper and decorative sheets, wallpapers, etc. to improve their visual appeal, giving plasterwork and varnishes a noble luster,
  • increases the elasticity of the materials to which it is added, reducing the possibility of cracking of cement (Portland),
  • is sound-absorbing, used as a soundproofing component of plates, mats and pastes in the construction and automotive,
  • reduce the price of the final product by use of the mica filler in place of the expensive raw materials (eg. mineral fibers)
  • reasonable price.
Mica flakes
Areas of application

Acrylic, silicone, silicate or mineral plasters:

The addition of mica increases resistance to weathering and UV radiation, improves dirt immunity, increases resistance to impact and scratches, hides minor surface scratches; plastered surface shimmers in the sun, sparks imitates natural stone (decorative plaster). Luster given by mica flakes is used in the renovation of historic internal and external plasters.
For these purposes, the most frequently are sold mica flakes size of 1-3 mm, 3-5 mm and 5-10 mm. The most popular colors are: pearl, black, white, gold and silver. Available range of colors and sizes is described here.

Mica flakes for plasters


The conglomerate is a material created by bonding stone powder with an epoxy resin. So obtained material  can be machined and polished to a high gloss. Usually, it is used for the production of window sills and various kinds of countertops. The addition of mica flakes to stone powder improves resistance to abrasion, UV radiation and of course improves the visual appeal of the final product. 
For these purposes, the most frequently are sold mica flakes of congratulations from 1-3 mm and 5-10 mm. The most popular colors are black, gold and pearl.

Mica flakes for conglomerates

Paints and varnishes

Layered structure of mica (acting as ichthyosis) increases the anti-corrosion paint effect by preventing corrosive to metal surfaces. High abrasion resistance and excellent adhesion to the substrate improves the quality of road marking paints.
Surface paint / varnish creates a gleaming coating, giving excellent decorative effect. With the addition of mica can be obtained reflective paint for road signs and road markings ("zebras", lines, edges, arrows ...).
For use in paints and varnishes are sold the most frequently white mica ground with granulation 200 - 325 Mesh (what is Mesh we explain here).

Mica for paints


In the production of plastic products, mica is mainly used as a filler for increasing the strength of thermoplastic and thermoset polymers. For these applications are sold white ground and micronized mica of individually selectable granularity. 
Mica may be added to the transparent plastic in the form of a glittering flakes. 
Typically are sold for this purpose colored mica flakes size approx. 1 mm. Note that the mixing mica with the structure of plastic increases its thermal resistance and improves the flexibility and impact resistance.

Mica in plastics

Welding electrodes

The mica coating provides two distinct types of protection to the welding rods:

  • it serves in forming a fusible slag and a good seal at the fusion zone on the arc,
  • it resists the action of heat, gaseous and other surrounding atmospheric oxidization.

No other material cannot replace mica in that application. The nature of mica coating that largely determines the quality of a welding electrodes.
For these purposes are sold ground mica, muscovite type of grain size of 100 microns (150 Mesh).

Mica for welding electrodes

Production of concrete and terrazzo slabs

The use of mica reducing the tendency to shrinkage and cracking during concrete hardens. It is also important (especially in the production of terrazzo) adding effect of a shiny granite. 
Here are used individually selected mica flakes in the size of 1 mm.

Mica plates for concrete and terrazzo

Decorative papers, Christmas decorations, wallpapers

Mica flakes reflect the light, give sparkle, creating a unique effect. No injures (!!!) - unlike the glass cullet. Decorative properties of mica are used in advertising, backlight and lighting various objects.  Artists use mica flakes blended in the glass or in jewelery, mixed with inks, paints, plaster or papier-mache. Thanks to this obtain an unusually attractive appearance of their artworks.

Size range and color of flakes and powders is in this area very broad and dependent on the particular application and the desired effect. We will help you in choosing a specific type of mica.

mica for decorations

Gypsum board partitions

Mica ground is lightweight, non-flammable, chemically inert and resistant to abrasion.  It has good thermal insulation properties and an excellent characteristic for sound absorption. Low coefficient of shrinkage and  expansion, good dimensional stability, temperature stability, and extremely low water absorption are some of its additional outstanding features. All these properties makes mica an ideal product for use as a filler in light-weight fire-resistant pre-fabricated gypsum wallboard slabs and panels for building constructions, in place of asbestos, where thermal insulation and acoustic properties are of particular importance. For these purposes, mainly mica flakes 3-5 mm or 5-10 mm are sell .

Mica for gypsum boards

Soundproofing  pastes, mats and carpeting for automobiles

Mica properties such as flammability, lack of gases at high temperature, moisture resistance, and above all sound absorption mean that it is readily applicable as a key element for soundproofing  in the car industry. The best suited here muscovite flakes granulation 1 - 3 mm.

Mica in soundproofing

The above examples of applications of ground mica and mica flakes certainly do not exhaust all the possibilities. We hope that they will inspire you to experiment with the use of mica in your business. We can help and advise. Although mica is a fossil mineral we guarantee the maintenance for many years stable parameters for tested and selected for your type of mica.

Please note that we deal with mica since the establishment of our company (1995), so we have a lot of experience in trade of this material.

We invite you to cooperation. We are waiting for your telephone (+48 22 670 11 81) or e-mail ( inquiries. All contact details are available on our website on the Contact page.

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