KW® Pearlescent Pigments

KW® Pearlescent Pigments

KW® series are classic effect pigments, which consists of treated natural mica flakes coated with a thin layer of metal oxide, such as titanium dioxide or/and iron oxide. Through a combination of transparency, refraction, multiple reflections, particle size and coating thickness, a wide variety of color effects are produced. These color effects are found elsewhere only in nature - silver white, interference and metallic luster effects.

KW® series present excellent compatibility with all kinds of transparent and translucent systems, and also have very good dispersibility,  light  fastness, acid & alkali resistance and thermal stability etc. KW® series are non-migration, non-fading, non-toxic, non-conductive, non-flammable and environmentally safe. These unique properties make KW® pearlescent pigments widely applied in plastics, resins, paints and printing.

Item KW® Silver White SeriesKW® Interference SeriesKW® Good Luster SeriesKW® Colored Effect SeriesKW® Metallic Luster Series
TiO2 Type Rutile/Anatase Rutile Rutile Anatase /
Thermal Stability [°C] 800 800 800 280 800
Density [g/cm3] 2,3 – 3,0 2,6 – 3,4 2,5 – 3,3 2,4 – 3,2 2,6 – 3,3
Bulk Density [g/100 ml] 15 – 22 19 – 28 17 – 27 15 – 26 17 – 26
Oil Absorption [g/100 g] 50 – 90 50 – 90 50 – 90 50 – 90 50 – 90
PH Value 5 – 9 5 – 9 5 – 9 5 – 9 5 – 9
Other Pigment        


All information about KW® Pearlescent Pigments are collected in the form of a PDF document ready to download and print. This document is available here.
Silver White Effects - KW®1xx
KW Silver White Series Pigments



Silver White pigments have excellent silver luster effect with the applicability and stability, which can bring you the best pearlescent effect.

Two available types of silver white effects are anatase and rutile are optional, the rutile has better weather resistance. Depending on the particle size, effects ranging from silky smooth to glitter are possible.


ProductColorParticle SizeTiOTypeBase Color
Base Colors
KW®110 Silver Fine Satin <15μm Anatase  Pigment KW-110 Silver Fine Satin <15μm
KW®111 Rutile Silver Fine Satin <15μm Rutile  Pigment KW-111 Rutile Silver Fine Satin <15μm
KW®119 Luster Fine Satin 5-20μm Rutile  Pigment KW-119 Luster Fine Satin 5-20μm
KW®120 Luster Satin 5-25μm Anatase  Pigment KW-120 Luster Satin 5-25μm
KW®123 Glary Satin 5-25μm Rutile  Pigment KW-123 Glary Satin 5-25μm
KW®100 Silver Pearl 10-60μm Anatase  Pigment KW-100 Silver Pearl 10-60μm
KW®101 Irradiant Pearl 30-70μm Anatase  Pigment KW-101 Irradiant Pearl 30-70μm
KW®103 Rutile Sterling Pearl 10-60μm Rutile  Pigment KW-103 Rutile Sterling Pearl 10-60μm
KW®104 Rutile Silk Pearl 10-40μm Rutile  Pigment KW-104 Rutile Silk Pearl 10-40μm
KW®151 Luster Pearl 10-100μm Anatase  Pigment KW-151 Luster Pearl 10-100μm
KW®153 Glitter Pearl 20-100μm Anatase  Pigment KW-153 Glitter Pearl 20-100μm
KW®163 Shimmer Pearl 40-200μm Anatase  Pigment KW-163 Shimmer Pearl 40-200μm
KW®173 Silk Pearl 10-40μm Anatase  Pigment KW-173 Silk Pearl 10-40μm
KW®183 Twinkling Pearl 50-500μm Anatase  Pigment KW-183 Twinkling Pearl 50-500μm
Interference Dual-colored Effects - KW®2xx
KW Interference Dual-colored Series Pigments



Interference pigments are similar to rainbow interference color, it creates gold, orange, red, violet, blue and green in turn, and possessing high color chroma. It does not contain any organic pigment without color faded and transfer.

Due to the interference dual-colored effect, when combining with organic pigment, the grounding should be taken into considered. In this way, it will bring interference attractive effect. 

ProductColorParticle SizeTiOTypeBase Color
Base Colors
KW®205 Gold Pearl 10-60μm Rutile Pigment KW-205 Gold Pearl 10-60μm
KW®208 Gold Silk 10-40μm Rutile Pigment KW-208 Gold Silk 10-40μm
KW®215 Red Pearl 10-60μm Rutile Pigment KW-215 Red Pearl 10-60μm
KW®217 Copper Pealr 10-60μm Rutile Pigment KW-217 Copper Pealr 10-60μm
KW®218 Violet Red Pearl  10-60μm Rutile Pigment KW-218 Violet Red Pearl 10-60μm
KW®219 Purple Red 10-60μm Rutile Pigment KW-219 Purple Red 10-60μm
KW®224 Violet Pearl 10-60μm Rutile Pigment KW-224 Violet Pearl 10-60μm
KW®225 Blue Pearl 10-60μm Rutile Pigment KW-225 Blue Pearl 10-60μm
KW®235 Green Pearl 10-60μm Rutile Pigment KW-235 Green Pearl 10-60μm
KW®201 Gold Satin 5-25μm Rutile Pigment KW-201 Gold Satin 5-25μm
KW®211 Red Satin 5-25μm Rutile Pigment KW-211 Red Satin 5-25μm
KW®223 Violet Satin 5-25μm Rutile Pigment KW-223 Violet Satin 5-25μm
KW®221 Blue Satin 5-25μm Rutile Pigment KW-221 Blue Satin 5-25μm
KW®231 Green Satin 5-25μm Rutile Pigment KW-231 Green Satin 5-25μm
KW®249 Glitter Gold 10-100μm Rutile Pigment KW-249 Glitter Gold 10-100μm
KW®259 Glitter Red 10-100μm Rutile Glitter Red 10-100μm
KW®289 Glitter Blue 10-100μm Rutile Glitter Blue 10-100μm
KW®299 Glitter Green 10-100μm      Rutile         Pigment KW-299 Glitter Green 10-100μm
Gold Luster Effects - KW®3xx
KW Gold Luster Series Pigments

Gold luster pigments consisted of mica coated with titanium dioxide and iron oxide, depending on accurately controlling the thickness of the coat, creating various of gold luster.

They can be formulated with each other when a special gold is needed, selecting difference type of gold and accurately controlling the proportion, hereby the best gold effect will be achieved.

Besides, it conquers the disadvantage of color change of conventional cupreous gold powder.

ProductColorParticle SizeBase Color
Base Colors
KW®300 Gold Pearl 10-60μm Pigment KW-300 Gold Pearl 10-60μm
KW®301 Metal Gold 10-60μm Pigment KW-301 Metal Gold 10-60μm
KW®303 Royal Gold 10-60μm Pigment KW-303 Royal Gold 10-60μm
KW®304 Mayan Gold 10-60μm Pigment KW-304 Mayan Gold 10-60μm
KW®305 Red Gold 10-60μm Pigment KW-305 Red Gold 10-60μm
KW®306 Olympic Gold 10-60μm Pigment KW-306 Olympic Gold 10-60μm
KW®307 Abstruse Gold 10-60μm Pigment KW-307 Abstruse Gold 10-60μm
KW®308 Classic Gold 10-60μm Pigment KW-308 Classic Gold 10-60μm
KW®320 Sunny Gold 10-60μm Pigment KW-320 Sunny Gold 10-60μm
KW®302 Gold Satin 5-25μm Pigment KW-302 Gold Satin 5-25μm
KW®323 Royal Gold Satin 5-25μm Pigment KW-323 Royal Gold Satin 5-25μm
KW®351 Shimmer Gold 10-100μm Pigment KW-351 Shimmer Gold 10-100μm
KW®353 Shimmer Reddish Gold 10-100μm Pigment KW-353 Shimmer Reddish Gold 10-100μm
KW®355 Glitter Gold 20-100μm Pigment KW-355 Glitter Gold 20-100μm
Colored Effect - KW®4xx
KW Colored Series Pigments



This series can be used alone or formulated with other transparent pigment, it make the color be rich and colorful and the final products be more attractive.

ProductColorParticle SizeBase Color
Base Colors
KW®401 Luster Black 10-60μm Pigment KW-401 Luster Black 10-60μm
KW®402 Silver Black 10-60μm Pigment KW-402 Silver Black 10-60μm
KW®407 Silver Gray 10-60μm Pigment KW-407 Silver Gray 10-60μm
KW®410 Cupreous brown 10-60μm Pigment KW-410 Cupreous brown 10-60μm
KW®411 Fuscous Brown 10-60μm Pigment KW-411 Fuscous Brown 10-60μm
KW®430 Shimmer Fuscous Brown 10-100μm Pigment KW-430 Shimmer Fuscous Brown 10-100μm
KW®400 Luster Blue 10-60μm Pigment KW-400 Luster Blue 10-60μm
KW®400B Luster Pure Blue 10-60μm Pigment KW-400B Luster Pure Blue 10-60μm
KW®408 Cyan Green 10-60μm Pigment KW-408 Cyan Green 10-60μm
KW®409 Fenda Orange 10-60μm Pigment KW-409 Fenda Orange 10-60μm
KW®415B Sunny Red 10-60μm Pigment KW-415B Sunny Red 10-60μm
KW®416 Vermail 10-60μm Pigment KW-416 Vermail 10-60μm
KW®418B Rose Violet Red 10-60μm Pigment KW-418B Rose Violet Red 10-60μm
KW®419B Violet 10-60μm Pigment KW-419B Violet 10-60μm
KW®421 Magic Yellow 10-60μm Pigment KW-421 Magic Yellow 10-60μm
KW®426 Silky Blue 10-60μm Pigment KW-426 Silky Blue 10-60μm
KW®427 Cobalt Blue 10-60μm Pigment KW-427 Cobalt Blue 10-60μm
KW®432 Peak Blue 10-60μm Pigment KW-432 Peak Blue 10-60μm
KW®435B Yellowish Green 10-60μm Pigment KW-435B Yellowish Green 10-60μm
KW®4052 Pink Silver 10-60μm Pigment KW-4052 Pink Silver 10-60μm
KW®436 Shimmer Apple Green 10-100μm Pigment KW-436 Shimmer Apple Green 10-100μm
KW®437 Shimmer Green 10-100μm Pigment KW-437 Shimmer Green 10-100μm
KW®451 Shimmer Blue 10-100μm Pigment KW-451 Shimmer Blue 10-100μm
KW®452 Shimmer Red 10-100μm Pigment KW-452 Shimmer Red 10-100μm
KW®457 Shimmer Grey 10-100μm Pigment KW-457 Shimmer Grey 10-100μm
KW®491 Shimmer Yellow 10-100μm Pigment KW-491 Shimmer Yellow 10-100μm
KW®483 Silky Violet 10-40μm Pigment KW-483 Silky Violet 10-40μm
KW®486 Silky Green 10-40μm Pigment KW-486 Silky Green 10-40μm
KW®4005RB Red Blue 10-60μm Pigment KW-4005RB Red Blue 10-60μm
KW®4006GB Green Blue 10-60μm Pigment KW-4006GB Green Blue 10-60μm
KW®4008BY Blue Yellow 10-60μm Pigment KW-4008BY Blue Yellow 10-60μm
KW®4010VY Violet Yellow 10-60μm Pigment KW-4010VY Violet Yellow 10-60μm
KW®4011RY Red Yellow 10-60μm Pigment KW-4011RY Red Yellow 10-60μm
KW®4012BR Blue Red 10-60μm Pigment KW-4012BR Blue Red 10-60μm
Metallic Luster Effect - KW®5xx
KW Metallic Luster Series Pigments



Metallic luster effect pigments are consisting of mica coated with Fe2O3, it creates different color also depending on controlling the thickness of Fe2O3, they simulate the shine of metal. Abundant of color, better coverage performance and stabile physical and chemical.

ProductColorParticle SizeBase Color
Base Colors
KW®500 Bronze 10-60μm Pigment KW-500 Bronze 10-60μm
KW®502 Red Brown 10-60μm Pigment KW-502 Red Brown 10-60μm
KW®504 Red Brown 10-60μm Pigment KW-504 Red Brown 10-60μm
KW®505 Mauve 10-60μm Pigment KW-505 Mauve 10-60μm
KW®508 Ruby Red 10-60μm Pigment KW-508 Ruby Red 10-60μm
KW®510 Reddish Bronze 10-60μm Pigment KW-510 Reddish Bronze 10-60μm
KW®520 Bronze Satin 5-25μmm Pigment KW-520 Bronze Satin 5-25μmm
KW®522 Red Brown Satin 5-25μm Pigment KW-522 Red Brown Satin 5-25μm
KW®524 Wine Red Satin 5-25μm Pigment KW-524 Wine Red Satin 5-25μm
KW®525 Mauve Satin 5-25μm Pigment KW-525 Mauve Satin 5-25μm
KW®530 Shimmer Bronze 10-100μm Pigment KW-530 Shimmer Bronze 10-100μm
KW®532 Shimmer Red Brown 10-100μm Pigment KW-532 Shimmer Red Brown 10-100μm
KW®534 Shimmer Wine Red 10-100μm Pigment KW-534 Shimmer Wine Red 10-100μm
KW®535 Shimmer Mauve 10-100μm Pigment KW-535 Shimmer Mauve 10-100μm

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