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About us

Continental Trade Sp. z o.o builds its brand on the market since 1995, specializing in technical glass, industrial armature, sealings and mica products.

In our offer, you can find, among other, round sight glasses for applying in many industries (eg. pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food, energy, heating etc.) for visual inspection of various physical and chemical processes that occur in pressure vessels, as well as oblong liquid level gauges in transparent and reflex versions.

Thanks to its high chemical resistance, sight and gauge glasses are resistant to aggressive chemicals and sudden temperature changes (thermal shock). Transparent glass is characterized by high homogeneity, transparency and purity. For its production is used special borosilicate glass. Thermal tempering provides excellent chemical, mechanical (flexural and compressive strength) and physical glass properties.

Continental Trade also recommends quartz glass in many varieties. These include quartz glass pipe - transparent, frosted, colored, heating, no ozone, UV blocking, made of pure or synthetic quartz. The offer includes not only reliable quartz tubes, but also blocks, plates and rods made of quartz

Our offer is very specialized. In addition to technical glass, it contains also a modern solution for sealing (sealing plates, spiral, flat, metaloplastic, as well as graphite or leather), and industrial armature (valves, expansion joints, level gauges, sight glasses, liquid level gauges etc.).

One of the main product groups is also mica and micanite - a natural material with very diverse applications and excellent insulating properties. Continental Trade has a wide range of natural and processed mica. The offer we have, among other, micanite in blocks, plates, tapes, insulators and special products. We offer natural mica in the form of sheets (windows, screens, discs), flakes and powders with different color and particle size, as well as in the form of mica paper.

We are a sales company existing since 1995 that is caring about the high quality of sold products and services in the technical industry.
Our staff these are highly qualified specialists who will help you to choose products from our wide assortment as well as will advise in the situation of the demand for custom elements.
Our experience and customer trust, amongst which are leading industrial plants in Poland and in the world, shows our commitment, professional approach and service for even the small Customers in the business.

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