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Graphite packing sleeves

We deliver graphite packing sleevs that are an essential parts of any valve. Fitting around to spindle to ensure its smooth action and prevent leakage The effective sealing properties, combined with the ease with which it can be removed and replace ensure graphite is the material of choice.

We can supply sealing sleeves which are compatible with all major brands of manufacturers of valves, for example.: Klinger, Gresswell, Shaw, Bont, Level RCM, Dewrance, Hopkinsons and many others.

Graphite Sleeve Packing

Packing sleeves are used in many brands of gauge cock, to prevent leakage and to ensure effective operation. They are made from 99.5% pure graphite, with stainless steel eyelets, the computer controlled compression, ensure a standard, quality product.

A popular application of graphite sleeve is to seal the drain cocks for level gauges (see. fig. below). The use of graphite sleeves provides smooth and reliable operation of the cocks and high resistance to erosive action of the medium and pollution.

The size of sleeve must be exactly matched to the size of the valve (cock). We supply sleeves of standard size as shown in the table:

Size Inner diameter
Outer diameter
Dimensioning of graphite sleeves
AB 10 10 mm 14 mm 18,5 mm
AB 12 12 mm 18 mm 23 mm
AB 18 18 mm 26 mm 32 mm
AB 22 22 mm 33 mm 37 mm
AB 28 28 mm 38 mm 44 mm
AB 32 32 mm 45 mm 52 mm
AB 42 42 mm 52 mm 56 mm
AB 50 50 mm 62 mm 65 mm
D1/21) 9/16"x7/16"
(14x11 mm)
(20 mm)
(22 mm)
D3/42) 13/16"x5/8"
(21x16 mm)
(30 mm)
(29 mm)
S203) 25/32"
(20 mm)
(30 mm)
(32 mm)


1) Dewrance 1/2" (cone) 
2) Dewrance 3/4" (cone)
3) Shaw Son and Greenhalgh 20 mm

In some applications it is possible to use sleeves which, instead of graphite are made of Aramid/PTFE. This solution is usually cheaper, but may be used at lower temperatures (up to 250 °C) than the graphite sleeves (p to 550 °C). The sleeves of the aramid / PTFE are harder and more fragile than their graphite counterparts.  

Graphite sealing rings

Sealing rings are used in popular piston valves. In this type of valve instead of using seals "socket - mushroom" (used e.g. water taps), applied a solution, in which a cylindrical piston (usually steel) moves between two elastic sealing rings (usually graphite).

Between two rings is placed a sealing bush with holes through which, upon exposure them by the piston, fluid flows. Thanks to its simple design, piston valves can be easily disassembled and replace worn parts - usually graphite sealing rings. This solution is characterized by good tightness, reliability and resistance to pollution and sediments.

Due to its design, this type of valve can be operated (depending on the type of valve and the materials used) with a temperature of up to 550 ° C (in the absence of pressure). With increasing fluid pressure (60 bar) allowable temperature is reduced (to 150 ° C).

We supply graphite sealing rings with standard dimensions shown in the table below.


Size Outer diameter
Inner diameter
DN 10 23,5 15,0 8,0
DN 15 23,5 15,0 8,0
DN 20 30,0 20,0 9,3
DN 25 38,0 25,0 10,6
DN 32 45,0 30,0 14,6
DN 40 58,0 40,0 14,6
DN 50 70,0 50,0 16,0
DN 65 82,0 60,0 13,3
DN 80 94,0 70,0 14,6
DN 100 112,0 90,0 14,6
DN 125 135,0 110,0 16,0
DN 150 155,0 130,0 17,3