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Level gauge glasses

Safety sight and level gauge glasses offered by us have proved themselves universally where visual process control is essential.  Particularly in pressure vessels subjected to thermal and chemical stresses and liquid level gauge application. They are manufactured by reputable, global companies such as Kilnger, Maxos, Spectraglass, which guarantees superior quality and stability of parameters. A high safety level is secured through the use of special borosilicate or aluminosilicate glasses of high chemical durability, exceptional purity and homogeneity. The low thermal expansion coefficient of glass, combined with thermal prestressing (tempering) creates a high resistance to sudden temperature changes (thermal shock) and high resistance to alkalis, acids and condensates. The material properties and small dimensional tolerances are guaranteed by production and quality controls. With these exceptional safety characteristics safety sight and level gauge glasses can be used under extreme operational conditions. The main characteristics of the different types of glass, its chemical composition, mechanical, optical, chemical, electrical properties are extensively discussed here.

We offer a wide range of high quality liquid level gauge glasses manufactured according to DIN 7080/7081 and BS 3463, meeting the main international standards (eg. JIS B 8211, MIL - G - 16356 D, ÖNORM M 7354, OMV-Spez. H 2009 Esso Eng. Spec. 123, SOD Spec. 123) and satisfy the additional customer  requirements.

Depending on the method of production, there are two main groups of liquid level gauge glasses:

  • transparent - clear (smooth on both sides). In order to increase the resistance to operating conditions (pressure, temperature, aggressive environment), transparent glass is typically protected by mica shields on the medium side,
  • reflex - with one-sided imprinted grooves, which enhances the visibility of liquid level. For reflex glasses mica shields are not applicable.

For both types of glasses are defined standard types and sizes. They are discussed in detail later in this chapter. In most applications take advantage of the offered standards.

Level gauge glasses are supplied complete set with gaskets or separately. Gaskets for level gauge glasses are described here.

We also provide glass unusual: manufactured according to individual customer technical requirements, custom sizes and custom shapes.

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