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Flexible plates

Flexible micanite plate is an excellent material for electrical and heat insulation, remaining flexible at room temperature.  They are made of heater micanite with muscovite or phlogopite type of mica (90%) in combination with silicone (10%).

These plates are certified by:

  • UL94V-0
  • E231452
  • environmental certificate TUV Z05811263
  • certificate SGS-RoHS - No. SH6148278/CHEM
  • certificate for contact with food FDA  - No. RJSSZ060586FDA

There are two types of flexible plates:

  • muscovite flexible plates, color: silver, continuous operating temperature: 500 ℃, intermittent operating temperature: 800 ℃,
  • phlogopite flexible plates, color: amber, continuous operating temperature: 750 ℃, intermittent operating temperature: 1000 ℃,


Wrapping, covering, coating, filling, insulated heating elements. Eg. dryers, fans, toasters, heaters, switches, transformers, electric furnaces,  generators, magnetic coils, coils insulation.

Flexible micanite plate E-5660-S

We offer a flexible micanite plate E-5660-S series. E-5660-S series flexible micanite plates, also known as glue mica paper, have good elasticity and flexibility at room temperature, and can be curled into different shapes as desired. This plate can be folded for more than 10 times and pressed by heavy objects without breaking. According to customer demand, the voltage resistance ability can be increased to 1-2 times of conventional standard value. E-5660-S can be used as cover plate, separate plate, insulating plate or heat-resistant sealing material. Typically it is used as: hot-air spray gun, induction furnace, motor, transformers and so on.

Relative to general insulation material, the prominent advantages of the flexible mica plate are:

  • excellent insulating properties at high temperature: at 500 - 1000 ℃ operating ambient temperature, the voltage breakdown resistance is 15KV/mm;
  • good tensile property: it can be processed into a variety of shapes without layer separation;
  • excellent environmental protection performance: the product contains no asbestos, and has less smoke and odors, even smokeless and odorless when heating;
  • resistant to temperatures up to 1000 ° C;
  • excellent acid, alkali and oil resistance.


  • typical sizes of plates: 1000 × 1000mm
  • thickness: 0.1 mm, 0.15 mm, 0.2 mm .. 3 mm (± 10%)

minimum 18-24 months, if stored at ambient temperature of 20ºC ± 5ºC in dry condition.

Note: The product less than 2.0 mm thickness can be formed by stamping. The products larger than 2.0mm shall be processed by turning, milling, drilling and other processes.

Other dimensions available on request - please contact us.


Parameters of flexible micanite plates

Item Unit E-5660-S1 E-5660-S3 Testing procedure
Mica Paper   Muscovite Phlogopite  
Mica Content % ca. 90 ca. 90 IEC 371-2
Bond Content % ca. 10 ca. 10 IEC 371-2
Density g/cm3 1,6 - 2,0 1,6 - 2,0 IEC 371-2
Heat Resistant
- Continuous Services 500 750  
- Intermittent Services 800 1000  
Heat Loss at 500 ℃ % <1 <1 IEC 371-2
Heat Loss at  700 ℃ % <2 <2 IEC 371-2
Flexural Strength N/mm2 <1 <1 GB/T5019
Dielectric Strength kV/mm >15 >15 IEC 243
Flame Resistance   90V0 90V0 UL94
Tensile strength N/mm2   20 DIN 52910
Compressibility %   15 ASTM F36-J
Return from deformation %   40 ASTM F36-J
Relaxation strength N/mm2   40 DIN 52913
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