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Flow sight glasses type 550A

(DIN length F1) connection with ANSI flanges


Type 550AR - with rotor made of plastic (120°C) or PTFE:

A liquid flow is indicated through rotation of the rotor. As a result, flow control is much easier and quicker to detect.


Type 550AK - with flap made of 1.4571:

A liquid flow is indicated by opening and moving the flap. In this way it is easier and quicker to check the flow rate



Type 550AV - vacuum version with O-ring:

In this case of vacuum, there is a risk whereby the gasket can be pulled inwards and the external medium can enter the valve. For medium vacuum, a PTFE seal should be used, for higher vacuum, or O-ring seal made of Viton is required.



Type 550AD - double glazing:

Double glazing ensures additional safety in case of damage to inner glass. The additional glass prevents distribution of medium and possible glass splinters in case of damage or even destruction of the inner glass.




  • Body made of cast iron GG-25 (EN-JL 1040)
  • Body made of cast steel GS-C 25 (1.0619)
  • Body made of Stainless steel 1.4408
  • Screws 4.6 / 5.6 vz or A4-70


  • graphite (or as desired)


  • Straight model (DN Length F1), connection with ANSI flanges

 Nominal size:

  • 1/2 "- 10" Flanges RF

Nominal pressure:

  • 150 or 300 lbs


  • With borosilicate glass up to max. 280 ° C
  • With soda lime glass to max. 150 ° C


  • Optional versions:
  • Special materials, quartz glass, metal fused glasses, heating mantle, illuminator ....
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